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Okay so my Aunt, my 22 year old cousin Taylor and other cusin who’s my age Kelsey and I traveled to Raleigh on Monday to see Scotty McCreery perform at the state fair on Monday. We ate with their friend who goes to State when we got there then went over to the fair grounds. (I basically am just skipping to the best parts cause everything else was mild) Once we got there we went to the stadium and were just chilling and looking around. We heard like music inside but the doors were roped off and we figured it was sound check but then we heard Scotty start singing and a crowd! And then somebody standing around said it was the album release thing. And we were like oh…. But then these 2 girls were like do y’all want in there?  Kelsey and I were like YEAH and they said they had found these wristbands on the ground and they didn’t care if they got in and they knew we wanted in so they gave them to us! There were only 3 so Taylor, Kelsey, and I went in! AND WE WERE SO FREAKING CLOSE OMG AND HE WAS SO CUTE AND JUST CHILL WITH HIS HAT BACKWARDS and when he sang See You Tonight we held up our sign (it said “We drove 3 1/2 hours just to SEE YOU TONIGHT and it was glittery) AND HE SAW IT AND POINTED AT US. So yeah. Then he sang some more and at the end, they were handing out these autographed posters (he instagrammed a pic of the poster) and we met his mom! She handed us ours and that was cool. 

(I hope this doesn’t sound too crazy y’all but it was exciting kay don’t judge)

So then we walked outside to maybe just walk around the fair cause we still had like 2 hours til the concert. We stopped at this stand in front of the tour buses to get water (not on purpose, it just happened to be in front of them) AND HE WALKED OUT and Kelsey screamed which caught me off guard so I screamed and then I saw why and we were like HEY and he waved at us and he was adorable but then he left again :( 

But we stood there for awhile just talking to people, hoping he might come out again, and we saw his dad and then his sister walked bye and we said hey to her and she said hey back. But Then Taylor came up to me and Kelsey and was like stay calm, don’t freak if something starts to happen in a minute so we were like….. wut…kay. But we did what she said and this security guy came over there and started talking to this lady with an iPad and kept pointing at me and Kelsey and looking at us. And we were SO confused but we remained calm. And then he said “If she can, she will do it” and she said she would try. Then they walked away and told us to stay there so we were like TAYLOR WHAT JUST HAPPENED and she said the guy had been talking about something and somehow my aunt got him to try and get us meet and greets and we were like omg yes but lets not get too hopeful.

SO ANYWAY we stood there for like 20 minutes, long enough to forget about it temporarily. Then these two girls came up and were like what does your sign say? So we told em and they were like oh cool. Then they asked where our seats were and we were like section 5. Then they said something about sitting on the floor (we couldn’t hear) and we thought they said thats where THEIR seats were so we were like oh thats awesome. Then they were like uh do you want them? They’re yours? UM EXCUSE ME WHAT DID YOU SAY CHICA I was like um are you serious and she was like yeah! Oh and btw here are some meet and greets, we’re from… (some radio station with a bunch of letters) and here ya go! Kelsey couldn’t speak so I was like omg thank you so much!! 

SO I had to pee so bad and it took forever to finds the bathroom but we got in the arena and there were only 2 tickets so my Aunt and Taylor went to our original seats and we split. We were directed to this wall of chairs and we talked to this girl who actually was form our area and she was so nice. We sat there for like 30 minutes and I was so nervous but excited and we couldn’t shutup haha. FINALLY They lead us down stairs to this room and his sister was just chillin eating chips in there like its no big deal. They lined us up and said that only he could take the pictures cause they were short on time or something so no phones, or personal cameras. And also he couldn’t sign stuff? idk but we got an autographed picture. So we made friends with this adorable little girl in front of us who bravely kissed his cheek. Kelsey went first and asked if she could hug him and he was like of course! He was so nice! And I went up there and he shook my hand and asked how I was and did that country boy smile thing omg I’m swooning just typing this. HIS EYES ARE SO BLUE LIKE YOU CAN’T SEE HOW BLUE IN PICTURES I wanted to dive into them, they were gorgeous. So we took this picture and I hugged him and he chuckled haha but its okay! I was so nervous and excited and alosdhadlhjhxdf. So we were like hyperventilating and it was mostly just Kelsey, I was so happy all I could do was laugh at her. The security guys asked her if she was okay and if we atleast got a hug XD haha and the CONCERT WAS AMAZING like he’s even better singing live. It was amazing. So yeah sorry this was so long, if you read this far, KUDOS :) Love y’all!

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